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Satan’s Number Is Up

Satan’s Number Is Up


Gradually prophecies in the book of Revelation are being fulfilled. I received a post informing me that the Nigerian National Identification is shifting from card based identification to “an Advanced NUMBER Based Identity System.” Reading on you discover that everyone is to be reduced to a number and your name is no more what identifies you. Is this development innocuous? No. This development is from the stable of Satan. Period. How? Looking through the Bible one discovers a distinction between the kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of light gave us names not numbers. God so abhors numbers that David numbering the nation of Israel (census) drew the wrath of God ( 2 Sam.24:1-25 ).

The Lambs book of life has names in it not numbers. Scriptures describes raptured saints – “which no one can NUMBER.” ( Rev.7:9 & ff). What do we know about Satan? He numbers his own. His Beast has a number ( Rev.13:18 ), and he is ready to number those who are his own. Is receiving this number optional? Can one reject it? Can one refuse it and insist that your driver’s license or passport is good enough? With passage of time and as indicated in the post NIN ( National Identification Number ), and BVN ( Bank Verification Number ) are to be linked with the banks with active support of CBN ( Central Bank of Nigeria ). So sooner or later banks will be demanding all their customers bring their NIN or close account. Will this request for NIN be just for new accounts? I guess not. Prophecy will be fulfilled.

In the past an ID card though has a number links your picture with your name. now your image is linked not with your name but with a number. Yes the bible says the antichrist will require people to have the number on their body ( Rev.13:16-18 ). The technology is available and is known as Radio Frequency Identification. Google ( RFID ). However do we have to wait for this requirement before we believers begin a survival plan? Note how these things are foisted on us. You register your phone numbers, you register your bank accounts, you are given a bank verification number ( BVN ), and now this new one, NIN.
However, the church in Nigeria have not thought it fit to sensitize its members. Do we need to wait for the last straw before survival plans are made to survive the one to two years of the great tribulation?

Countries like India, Nigeria and indeed Africa are coming late to numbers replacing names to define and identify peoples. In the rich OECD countries, numbers, be it welfare numbers, social security numbers or driver’s license have long been used to plug in peoples into the financial system or initiate any transaction with government bureaucracy. ( Note: I might not be on solid grounds here as I do not reside in these advanced countries ). However, I gather that Christian believers raised issues with identification with numbers when such social welfare numbers were introduced in the US. The authorities then promised this would not be, alas these were empty promises because these numbers now identify US citizens and maybe so all across OECD countries. Now it is Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) for US citizens in Obamacare . Just as the whimper went out of the protest against the use of social welfare numbers for financial identification so would RFID become mandatory rather than voluntary.

Another historical antecedent is the numbering of holocaust victims by an earlier figure of the antichrist – aka Hitler. Then it was Jews being branded, but now it will be citizens of the world. [ So Jesus said love not the world ( 1 Jon.2:15-20 ) ]. When the antiMessiah arrives on the world scene we can see him getting real angry when believers say no to numbering.

A global conflict is coming. On one side will be the globalists with good intentions of wiping out poverty and on the other side Christians who believe and take Jesus at his words. These Christians would find it hard to explain how a scheme to provide everyone with $2 a day or food stamps is devilish. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. God bless the person who coined this adage because I find it hard to explain my opposition to numbering, save that my Master Jesus abhors it and warns me against it.

Author: Adedamola Olugbenga Jaiyesimi.

Master Master

Master Master


In a secular article titled “Emancipate yourself from Mental slavery,” I traced Africa’s problem to our slavish past and slavish mindset. To highlight the problem I compared the progress in North America and US known as the land of the free and leader of the free world with the stagnation in Africa, more so after the American civil war to free enslaved peoples. The Spirit then laid it on me that it is deeper than being secular.
Scriptural verses on this started coming up. For example, the Son frees us indeed ( Jon.8:32,36 ).Peter a “bondservant” of Jesus ( 2 Pet.1:1 ). Onesimus and Philemon ( Phil.1.10). Paul on many occasions called himself a slave of Christ ( Phil.1:1;Tit.1:1 2 Pet.1:1 ).

Some say the Bible is a story of good and evil contesting for supremacy. It is also a battle of where lies our allegiance. Who is our master ?

In retrospect, we see that the bible did not couch slavery in moral terms of good and bad. However, enslaved peoples were encouraged to gain their freedom. Slavery existed in other climes like in Russia, where there was serfdom. Slavery existed for long in China and all over Asia. These have been downplayed leaving us to think slavery is solely an African phenomenon. Slavery and its concept is obviously a consequence of the fall of Adam with Satan becoming the number one slave master. Pharaoh, Antipas, Nebuchadnezzar Caessar were his foremen. Then Christ came to pay the price for the fall and free man from the scourge of slavery. If the son sets you free, then indeed you are free ( Jon.8:32 ).

Satan again, surreptiously, attempts to reverse this freedom on at least two fronts.
1) Counter Religion, specifically Islam. No wonder they call themselves slaves of Allah slaves they are indeed.

2) Then the interface of money in commerce. By this Satan is gradually re-enslaving mankind with money binding us to commerce and then the branding with his Mark ( Rev.13:11-18 ). So if Religion doesn’t get one ( atheist et al ) then commerce would. No wonder Jesus also said you can’t serve two masters ( Luk.16:13 ). A slave must have a master and can’t serve two masters. There is no place for double mindedness.


The First Fall

There was and is one master in the heavenlies until one of his “favored” creatures, Lucifer, thought in his heart he could do a better job than Yahweh ( Isa.14; Ezek.28 ). He rebelled and was able to win the loyalty of fallen angels ( Rev.12:4 ). The manifestation of this First Fall was in heaven. I beheld Satan fall like a star ( Jon.14:18 ). God then created the earth and then Man to whom he gave dominion and the Title deed of the earth. This prototype man Adam, created a shade lower than Elohim ( Ps.8:5 ), was to eventually see Satan off, ending his rebellion. After all, why would Yahweh condescend and stoop to confront Satan? The Son of Man did just that! So he made man lower than Elohim and the seed of the woman will bruise Satan’s head while Son of Man will deliver the final blow.

Despite this, a lot of focus remains on the second fall, Sin. The resolution of which can be viewed as having treated the symptoms of an underlying disease or problem.

What draws our heart? Satan was able to draw a third of angels to war against Yahweh in the angelic rebellion. Could the same thoughts beguiling Satan have been in them making them susceptible to rebellion?

Per chance the same heart remains in believers after redemption. Has the heart question of allegiance been resolved in a believer? Yes. Only by grace but a time of testing is coming to the world that leads to many believers falling away in the great Apostasy ( 2 Thess 2:3 ).

Why shoul this be ? We believe in our heart and confess that Jesus is our Saviour and Master, and we are Born again. However, Satan and worldly attractions assail our hearts to dislodge our loyalty to Jesus. A lot of importance is placed on our heart position beyond our confession. Jesus alluded to this when He said, ” people call me Master, Master but their hearts are far away from me.” ( Luk.6:46 ).
We see Satan being let loose after a thousand years in the abyss ( Rev.20: 7-10 ). Why was he let loose again ? What is the unfinished business? Why not straight to hell fire with the beast and false prophets upon his capture after the battle of Armageddon.How was Satan able to find peoples and nations to deceive after millennial rule by our lord.

Oh Man, guard your heart ( Prov.4:23 ). Don’t allow the allurement of Satan, money, possessions it buys and satisfaction it gives to draw the heart. That is the source and reason for the statement, “love of money is the root of all evil” ( 2 Tim.6:10 ). It was given to us for us to guard our hearts, for us to uproot weeds and tend our hearts to prevent the deceitfulness of much money. It was never given to negate the basic unrighteousness of money. If a believer sticks to the former (love of money being the root of all evil) he will be deceived by Satan to participate in world commerce not understanding the implications and at his own peril – gaining the world and losing his soul ( Mk.8:36; Rev.13:17 ). Even unbelievers who follow the evolution of finance, commerce and money have concluded that it is enslaving the whole world (see YouTube: ) thus affirming various statements by our master. We, to which this testation was revealed over 2000 years ago are being enslaved by money as flies that dropped into honey and can’t get out . You need to read articles on evolution of money and future of money (

Yes, Jesus and through his disciples handled money but what happened to the treasurer ? ( Jon.12:6; Matt.26:14,15; Acts 1:18 ). Also note that in the old dispensation, Tithes and Offerings were from nature, not ever money as in the present. Note that money was changed in the temple to repurchase and offer sacrifices to God, never money ( Deut.14:22-29 ). Treasury Box into which the widow put her mite ( Mk.12:42; Luk.21:2 ) ? This does not negate my submission – might be human tradition mixing with early requirements of God.

When God was with us on earth, he, though raised a carpenter, there is no record of him participating in commerce especially after his temptation in the desert. So he could tell Satan nothing of his was in him ( Jon.14:30 ). When he was required to pay tax, he didn’t use coins from commerce with Satan’s Foreman’s image on it. He went into his creation, the seas and a fish delivered the required gold to pay the taxes ( Matt.17:24-27 ).This same ‘money’ was going to hit back in my Lord’s betrayal ( Matt.26:14-16 ). No wonder Jesus despised money because it acts as a glue that binds one to the prince of this world through commerce.

Talk of being in bondage. Government “bonds” are sold to create money making money a debt and an enslaver.Money has also evolved with the passage of time to become a necessity of life, just like the air we breath.It is as important as water to a vast horde of humanity. Thus the evolution of money continues and with time it’s real essence will be revealed.

Author: Gbenga Jaiyesimi ( Bondslave)

Why bondslave ? There is a scripture in the old testament that allows a freed slave to renounce his freedom and forever remain with his master. He indicates this by having his ear pierced with an aul ( Exod.21:1-6 ). Yes Jesus set us free but wisdom will tell us to revert to bondslave status to Jesus.This affords some protection against the snares of Satan.

The Monetary System Of The World

The Monetary System Of The World

The Monetary System Of The World

A fundamental change has come upon the world. After the air we breathe, money has become the next necessity of life. Homo economics, successor to Homo sapiens needs money to acquire water and food. Money answereth all things( Eccl.10:19). This new necessity of life is least understood by people, especially followers of Jesus Christ. The Lord had alluded to this new reality when He said you cannot serve two masters( Matt.6:24;Luke 16:9,11,13).

In God’s economy, all necessities are given freely, abundantly and graciously. However, as history progresses, the Antichrist( AC) heading the world system and world governance would award money “graciously” only to those who accept him.

Putting money under strict scrutiny would start to spring up surprises of the true nature of money. Some facts, money is a debt in its entirety. And who is given out this debt to enslave? If you think you own the money in your bank account, think again. Your central bank controls how you access it. Also there is not one type of money. You have M0, M1, M2, M3, which represent from coins and notes in circulation to high finance of shares and derivatives- ingenious ways of creating money out of nothing. Money is really a worthless store of values and wealth. Why? It is backed up by intangible thing called trust- human trust that can waver. Valuable money can turn worthless just like that.

Money is still evolving as we read/speak and not only governmental authorities issue money as credit. The bulk of money in circulation is issued or created by private banks. We can see that there is more to money. It is mysterious even spiritual- something out of nothing. It is enslaving rather than liberating as we think. As we accumulate more to ourselves, it ensnares us. Finally, it is going to determine where some will be in eternity( Rev.18).

If money is a stumbling block into heaven, should we followers of Christ handle it without full knowledge of what we are dealing with? Is money so neutral, with no life of its own or is it evil in itself? To answer this question, we need to go into the story of money, it’s history, evolution and the future of money, particularly the future of money.

In my earlier statement I said the Antichrist would graciously award money even as welfare handouts to the poor. More importantly, he would take over, confiscate and withhold money from those who do take the mark on their right hands or foreheads( Rev.13:16-18).

Also recent happening in Geece buttress the point that you do not own the money in your bank account. The Greek government confiscated large percentages of depositors money during their ongoing financial crisis. Policies have been put in place by world central banks to do the same when the next financial crises happen on us. Now to the story of money.

The Story Of Money In Africa.

Money- coins, bank notes, cash-collectively called currency, is less than 150 years old in present day Nigeria. Probably introduced by European trading partners led by the Portuguese, between the scramble for Africa and the actual colonization. How did the Royal Niger Company conduct its business?

We know that First Bank opened shop in 1894 as British Bank of West Africa, thus formalizing the use of coins. However there was the Trans-Saharan trade preceding the coming of the Europeans. Sokoto and Kano were the southernmost termini of the caravans. What was the medium of exchange between the inhabitants of Kano and the Arabs or Tuaregs or Berbers as the case may be. Suffice it to say that cowries, bangles etc were means of exchange before coinage. On record is the use of 700,000 pieces of cowries by British traders to purchase farmland in Lokoja around 1841.

It is interesting to note that Africa had also influenced world currency when Mansa Musa of Mali kingdom went on a pilgrimage to Mecca laden with gold. Gold became commonplace in the Mediterranean, Arabia and Southern Europe depressing its value for decades, and devaluating coins in circulation in these places. Mansa Musa opened the door for the plunder of Africa by this singular act, as he brought attention to the resources in Africa available for plunder to this day.

While Europeans were conducting their trade in Africa by barter, coinage was the choice of mediating trade within Europe. The first step of the present monetary system was taken in Greece around 600 BC with the introduction of the earliest coins. Coins were also in use in China and Asia as early as 500 BC.

Gold, silver and bronze were converted to coins by the ruling emperors and kings, and imposed as means of exchange and Payment of taxes into state or royal coffers. Manipulating coins by using gold alloys was soon introduced to yield more revenue into state and royal coffers. This practice is called seigniorage: that is an ounce of gold coin contains less than an ounce of gold. This finally culminated in Bretton Woods agreement of 1971 where the gold standard was removed from the world monetary system. For centuries the World monetary system was linked to gold and some other precious metal like silver. In 1971 this linkage to gold was broken and the World monetary system floated away from God’s physical creation like a ballon into the stratosphere waiting to bust.

Paper money, notes, evolved after coinage. It is thought to have appeared first in China as promissory notes given by goldsmiths who stored gold for the larger community. These notes would be transferred to a third party or exchanged for goods or merchandise as time went on.

Banks evolved later in the Italian city of Venice, Florence. Remember Shyllock of merchant of Venice. These institutions started off as money changers as many coins from different city states were in circulation. These private financial institutions became strong, and financed and lent to the kings and emperors of that age to pay their solders and go to war. Banking under the purview of governments is a later development. The Bank of England, the British Central Bank came into existence in 1694, while the American Centra Bank, the Federal Reserve System in 1913. It is strongly alleged that the U.S. Federal Reserve is owned by a group of people and not by the U.S. Government. Lending to finance governance and governments persists till today. Indeed borrowing seems to be their choice of finance with Japan leading the pack.

Japan’s debt in excess of 200% of its GDP must be around 10trillion USD. The US debt is past 16 trillion USD or 110% of US GDP. Not only are governments heavily indebted, so also are corporations, banks, and now the citizenries of these countries. They live on debts and are therefore enslaved by these debts to unseen financiers, the precursors of the Antichrist( A/C).



Matthew 24: Debunking Pre-tribulation Rapture View

Matthew 24: Debunking Pre-tribulation Rapture View

Matthew 24: Debunking Pretribulation Rapture View

Usually ones run in with pretribulationists is when a believer’s attention is drawn to biochipping and numbering of men to continue participation in world commerce. They , the pretribers retort, ” why worry? You would have been ruptured!”

I have asked them to produce scriptures that teach us we would be raptured before the revealing/ unveiling of the antiChrist. Usually, they are unable to produce Scriptures that support their position. I do hope some pretribers would accept this challenge and lead us to Scriptures that support Pretribulation Rapture Position.

In the meantime, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I would proceed to highlight/bring scriptures that place end time believers with the pernicious one revealed.

Where else to start but with our Lord’s teaching in Matthew 24. Pastor Avraham Zion’s teachings have been helpful in making Matthew 24 clearer. It turns out that the chapter is a chronologically linear capsule to the very end.

Jesus must have seemed uninterested by the architecture of the temple- unimpressed by it. After all Jesus knew of the real in heaven, and this earthly one was to be destroyed anyway. This must have piqued the interest of the disciples, as they later approached Jesus for more information into the future. Note that it was when the disciples showed interest that Jesus taught them eschatology. Oh! Wish believers would give eschatology the priority it deserves, and we would see how the Holy Spirit would open our eyes to the signs of the times. In fact Mathew 24 is one of the least referred chapters from the pulpit.

It is interesting that Jesus starts His discourse with a warning to us that we be not misled into error( Mat.24:4). Are not Pretribulation, Midtribulation , and Posttribulation Rapture Positions capable of doing just that?

Between verses 5&9 of Matthew 24, our Master lays on ( describes) routine history -wars, earthquakes, floods and famines etc. Famines in today’s parlance can be equated to economic turmoils and upheavals, recessions, depressions, financial meltdowns and collapse, rather than the hungry populations due to poor harvest. Jesus warned that this is not the End, but the beginning of the end and routine history( v 8). We see that there is a beginning well defined. Verse 9 then warns of the coming suffering upon believers- hated of all nations. Verse 10 describes an antichristian world beyond the present postchristian world seen in the West.

Brethren no mention of the Rapture yet. Just Jesus asking us to brace up for the coming attack on believers, with verse 13 warning us to endure, and verse 11 warning us of errors about these teachings.

Verse 14 declares commencement of the End just after the good news is preached to all nations( technology has made this possible).

Fast forward to verse 21-25. Verse 25 says, ” see I have warned you before hand. Why would our Master warn us of this Great Tribulation, if we believers are not going to experience it? Where in the Bible are we believers divided into prerapture believers and postrapture believers as pretribers are wont to explain this scenario away- be careful of false prophets leading many into error( v 11).

Fast forward again to verse 29-31, which at last debut the rapture of the elect. Verse 29 starts with immediately after the tribulation of those days. And verse 31describes our dramatic rescue- the rapture of the elect of God.

No ambiguities here, our Master Jesus warning disciples, and the elect, and saints that it was not going to be rosy for us right on to His coming again for His church. A coming which is will cut short and amputate the oppression of His own chosen ones. Comforting words so that we do not give up, but endure the antiChrist’s persecution ( v 12,22). The Book of Revelation is full of such encouragement to believers ( Rev.7: 9-14; 15:2-4). So also is the Book of Daniel to which our Master Jesus alludes in verse 15 of Mat.24( cf. Dan.8:23-24). So also the second letter to believers in Thessalonica. Th Holy Spirit through Paul, correcting error of some by saying that the Rapture will not occur until the antiChrist is revealed( 2Thess.2:1-5).

I am addressing the issue of our elders telling believers not to perturbed about the coming of the antiChrist, since his persecution and reign will be over nonbelieving world. The Olivet Discourse( Mat.24), does not support this view. The antiChrist is unveiled in verse 15, while the rapture takes place in verse 31.

It is all so consistent that one wonders where pretribers are coming from. Verse 11 of Mat.24 explains how within the church, many have arisen to deceive and lead many to error and damnation as they are not prepared for the reign of the antiChrist.

Brethren, I am not writing to bring fear but joy. Joy similar to a bride receiving her groom. A joy similar to a father welcoming home a son who has been away in a foreign land. And as our Master Jesus puts it, the joy of a new mother receiving her new born in her hands after a prolonged labour.

I encourage us to be prepared like the five wise virgins. Emphasis is necessary because if you live a holy life but get chipped to continue your daily transactions under the rule of the antMessiah, you cannot make it to heaven with Jesus. You have chosen Satan’s Mammon , money, and you cannot serve two Masters. The Pretribulation Rapture view, leads to a state of mind that prevents preparedness to cope with the antiChrist, while the pre-God’s- wrath Rapture View is consistent with the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

Author: Olugbenga Jaiyesimi.

Comatose Church in Africa.

Comatose Church in Africa.

Comatose Church in Africa.

Believers in Africa are sleeping. They are not keeping watch for the coming of the Master as the the Church Age winds up. Pastor Zion, a writer, believes it is like an an aesthetically induced sedation. Pastor Zion is also a physician like Saint Luke, so the apt description.

Ask yourself, when last and how often does the pulpit allow or give sermons on the signs that precede the end times? Do we read books on it the way we read books on prosperity, faith, healing, miracles etc. Are there books written by Nigerian or African Christian writers on the important subject of eschatology?

Nigerian Christians are focused on fear of death, fear of suffering, and success or prosperity enhancing books or tapes. Let’s juxtapose this with the situation across the Atlantic. Immediately Obamacare became public, evangelical Christians in the U.S. raised the specter of the Antichrist machinations. Most literature on eschatology come out of the USA. Remember the eschatological novel, the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It became an all time best seller further sensitizing Americans about the end times.

A poll revealed that 42% of Americans believer we are living in the last days, remarkably high for a nation of non-church goers.

There are websites, magazines and literature sharing with us the latest developments in politics, technology, finance, and religion. Developments that point to the enthronement of the Antichrist and his world governance.

Compare and contrast these with happenings in our country, Nigeria, and continent, Africa. In recent times, the superstructure of the Antichrist is coming up without a wimp or warning from church bodies such as Christian Association of Nigeria( CAN), or Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria( PFN).

What developments around us point to the Antichrist’s ascendancy?

1. Pursuit of cashlessness.

2. Capturing of every soul by various registration exercises: mobile phone # and bank account # registrations.

3. Finance platform national idenfication of citizens.

4. Biometric data captures.

5. Single phone # no matter the network.

6. Single bank number for your accounts and bank transactions.

There is steady progress in ushering in a cashless society while other sectors of the economy are left in the Stone Age – no power, no fuel, no public transportation, no rail etc.

Did you give your phone # while filing for national ID? If you did, you are fully captured on a supercomputer. By the way, why the need for your mother’s maiden name in the forms? Ponder the question and more would be said about it later.

Are these registration exercises innocuous? The authorities, our government, say the exercise will battle societal ills like corruption, terrorism, fraud, poverty, money laundering etc. As the saying goes, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”

The enthronement of the antichrist would be based on good intentions of resolving global financial crisis, poverty eradication particularly in Africa. Also going after third world politicians who run banana democracies, drug barons, and terrorists by tracking financial dealings, and preventing money laundering.

Why is the church in Africa so complacent? One of the reasons is the doctrine of pretribulation rapture, which states or teaches that believers would not be around during the unveiling and reign of the Antichrist. So, why bother? Leave him( the AC) with the unbelievers, the half-believers, and the new believers left behind after the rapture. Really? The scripture says the spirit of the Antichrist is already abroad in the world( 1Jon.2:18). It is the driving spirit in the World, so, we are admonished not to love the World( 1Jon.2:15-17). It is alive and well both overtly and covertly.

You want proof that the Antichrist is alive and well? Consider Europe, bastion of Christianity, to which Apostle Paul turned after receiving the Macedonian Call. Today, Europe is considered postchristian, and have already lapsed into antichristianity with overt criticism, persecution, and bad mouthing of Christians. More proof are legalization of same sex marriages and sexual aberrations, and thumbing their finger at God.

What is driving serious persecution of christian believers in a world dominated by Christian nations? Would Muslims be so persecuted if Islamic nations were the top economic and military powers?

Brethren, we are asleep. There being no persecution in our backyard does not mean the time of tribulation has not come. Tribulation is alive and well in China, India, Middle East, Africa, even Northern Nigeria. A question! Who should Christians in Nigeria be wary of, Boko Haram or the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) that says if you do not get bank verification number( BVN) you cannot bank- meaning do commerce in Nigeria? Is it not akin to if you do not take a mark, you cannot buy or sell? Listen, if Boko Haram do not get you, CBN would sooner or later will get you. So be prepared, be watchful, be faithful and be prayerful( Matt.25:1-30; Luk.18:1-10).

Let me leave you with this current happening in India. This is not fantasizing or playing scenarios, it happened this year. India is way ahead of Nigeria with capturing of all its citizens on national identification scheme. Hinduism is the main religion in India, and the central government is Hindu based. Christians are being lured into converting to Hinduism using the national ID cards. They are promised welfare benefits, and once they are captured on the national ID scheme, they are told they have become Hindu again.

Brethren, it is the same old story as in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil( Gen.2:17; 3:1-19). Now we are instructed not to take the mark of the Beast. But a group is explaining it away that the rapture would have taken place before we are confronted with this choice. How come we are forewarned when we do not need it? We are forewarned so that we can resist it. We should not allow Satan to lure us once again as he did to Adam and Eve. Interestingly the story of pretribulation was started by a woman, a charismatic visionary teenager called Margaret MacDonald in 1828.

Another biblical parallel to this time is the way Pharaoh was able to enslave and own his subjects by supplying their needs in harsh economic times. A man of God, Joseph was instrumental in this scheme. So also is the Christian West instrumental in foisting the kingdom of the Antichrist on us inadvertently.

Let’s key in to God’s game plan ( COSMOPOLITICS), and we will not be troubled. We would actually be happy and joyous because we know our Lord arrives back soon. MARANATHA.

Author: Gbenga Jaiyesimi.